Hospital Departments
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Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

THE INTENSIVE CARE UNIT is a special department of the hospital that provides intensive treatment. Intensive Care Unit caters for patients with severe and life-threatening illnesses and injuries, which require constant, close monitoring and support from specialist equipment and medications in order to ensure normal bodily functions.

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Surgicals Unit

THE SURGICALS UNIT is a special department that uses operative manual and instrumental techniques on a patient to investigate or treat a pathological condition such as a disease or injury, to help improve bodily function or appearance or to repair unwanted ruptured areas.

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THE PEDIATRICS / CHILDREN'S UNIT is a is the branch that majors in the medical care and treatment of infants, children, and adolescents.  It is staffed with Medical specialists that have majored in child care and needs.

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Casualty Department
THE CASUALTY DEPARTMENT, also known as an Accident & Emergency Department houses the Emergency Room (ER), the Emergency Ward as well as the Trauma Centre.
It is a medical treatment facility specializing in emergency medicine, the care of patients who present themselves without prior appointment;either by their own means or by that of an ambulance.
The emergency department is primary care center, due to the unplanned nature of patient attendance,the department provides initial treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, some of which may be life-threatening and require immediate attention.
Our Casualty Department operates 24 hours a day.
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THE RADIOLOGY DEPARTMENT specializes in the provision of medical imaging to diagnose and sometimes also treat diseases within the body.the department offers a variety of imaging techniques such as X-ray Radiography, Ultrasound,Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to diagnose and/or treat diseases.Our facillity is equiped with state of the technology to deliver the best results for all our patients.

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THE MATERNITY DEPARTMENT specialises in caring for women during pregnancy and childbirth. It also provides care for newborn infants. The Department is always manned by dedicated Midwifery and obstetrics specialists. It house the hospital's Maternity waiting rooms, Labour rooms & Special care facilities equipped with state of the art  technologies.

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Mater dei Hospital
Recovery Centre
Materdei Recovery centre is a special care division that offers the following Medical & Nursing care services:

  1. 1) Personal care Assistance
2) General Health care e.g administering of medication
3) Emotional assistance and monitoring
4) Spiritual support
5) Post-hospital discharge care and support
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High Dependency Unit

THE HIGH DEPENDENCY UNIT is the department where patients are be cared for more extensively than on a normal ward, but not to the point of intensive care, it is appropriate for patients who have had major surgery and for those with single-organ failure.

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THE PHARMACEUTICAL DEPARTMENT is the department responsible for handling and ensuring supply and distribution of prescribed medication to all departments of the Hospital

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THE THERAPY DEPARTMENT is the department that handles all specialised care and treatment of patients through non-conventional medical treatment. Our Hospital has special Units for Physiotherapy, Audio & Speech Therapy, as well as the Renal Centre. 

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THE TRAINING INSTITUTE Our Hospital runs an innovative Medical training institution that's committed to producing quality medical personal that will add unparalleled value to the medical fraternity. The Institute houses a Library as well as state of the art lecture rooms that have modern digital conferencing technology.

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THE HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATION While the Hospital is run by a Board of Trustees, we have a team of highly committed Men & Women that run and manage the Hospital's day to day business. The Department comprises of full time Reception and Accounting staff amongst other key personnel.

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Supporting Departments

THE SUPPORTING DEPARTMENTS is made up of various hospital groups including House-Keeping, Security and Church departments which play a pivotal role to the smooth everyday running of the Hospital.

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